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The Secret is..

The Tangle Free Automated Technology that draws the hair through the smooth ceramic barrel where it distributes the perfect amount of heat evenly across the hair. For consistent long lasting perfect curls every time! Wavy HairPRO ®️ does all the work for you!

3 Steps to Fast, Easy Perfect Curls




Quick and Easy to Use

  • Multi-directional Curls –Left and Right!
  • 4 Timer Functions  6 Heat Settings
  • Ergonomically designed and light weight
  • Safety guards –Designed so you cannot burn yourself
  • Perfect for fine, medium and thick hair
  • Create any type of curls you want – tight or loose curls

Ideal for traveling !

Carry your Wavy HairPRO ®️  looper in your bag.

It’s wireless, so take it anywhere you want and you’ll get perfect curls anytime, anywhere in seconds.

It’s rechargeable whether in the car or at home, charging via micro USB just like you would with a cell phone. Thus, you will enjoy 80 minutes of curling at 200°C.

Get the Look You Want!

– Playful Tight Ringlets – Beachy Waves – Big Spiral Glam

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!*

If you’re not happy with your products for ANY reason, simply send them back to us within 30 days for a full refund less the cost of shipping and processing. *See return policy for details.

Which Wavy HairPRO ®️ color is right for you?

White, Pink, or Grey

Got a Question?


Can my hair get caught?

If hair gets caught while in use, there will be short and continuous beeps. This means the system has detected hair is caught or blocked in the curling barrel. The barrel will stop spinning. To remove the caught hair, simply spin the barrel in the opposite direction. E.g. If your hair gets caught while you are curling ”Left”, press and hold the “Right” button to release the hair. If the hair remains caught the Wavy HairPRO® will automatically shut down.

Can I charge the Wavy HairPRO ®️ while in use?

Yes ,the Wavy HairPRO ®️ can be used while charging, however it will need to have some battery life remaining to use. tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength.

How do I return my Wavy HairPRO® to you?

Is your Wavy HairPRO ® defective? Too bad, but we can help you. Send us an email describing the problem, and we will send you a new Wavy HairPRO ® 😉. 

How to best use it?

Press and hold « Power ON / OFF » for 2 seconds to turn on the unit. Press « Menu » to select temperature, direction, ℃ / F and timer one by one and press « Adjust » to set the value.It will start heating after your temperature setting.Comb it to remove tangles and divide the hair into several sections, not exceeding 2 cm wide.Leave the section of hair through the curling chamber and press « Start » to activate the motor to draw the hair into the curling chamber.Please release the « Start » button when you hear the first beep.When you hear the final beep, automatic curing is complete.

What are the best temperature/time settings for fine hair?

It depends on the type of curly hair you want: for soft curls, you can set the temperature between 130-150 degrees and the timer between 8 and 12s. For tight curls, you can set the temperature to 150-180 degrees and the timer to 13-18s.I need to change something on my order. How can I do that?We ship items very quickly after receipt of orders. So, if you need to change anything about your order, please send us an email as soon as possible:Use the e-mail address Info@wavy-hairpro.com. Write the topic as « Changes ».Include your order number.Include the desired changes. 

Will it turn off automatically?

Yes, it will turn off automatically after 10 minutes without using.

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